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    Vuong Han thought for a long time about these issues. In fact, he knew that these were only the most superficial understandings, all the uses of an intuitive object, but Vuong Han still did not dare to think about some functions. exaggeration, "For example, freely switching between the virtual state and the real state, when the enemy uses the real state to defend, the steel needle will become a virtual state to attack the opponent's soul, and when The enemy uses the virtual state to defend. defense, the needle will directly apply the real state. Penetrate the defense, then destroy the opponent's body, such a free switch can be more effective, but the difficulty is very great, pure dual essence state, dual essence state Simple breathing is not a difficult existence, the nature of the source is still too complicated, until now I still can't understand it, just can make a fuss about real state or virtual state, not to mention that I still have no way to directly weave a self-thinking virtual state source quality variation inside the steel needle.”

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    "Okay, don't take it to heart, I won't be nice to you, and I know clearly, you should do the same, in front of me there's no problem, but in front of others, you must be better. is to show any In situations where you are not afraid of danger, you must have a pink heart, and you must always hold in your hand a big stick of positive and invincible energy, so that others do not talk about you, especially...um, Qian You must pay attention to this one thing, no matter how much you want to destroy the other party, how much you want to destroy some existing things, but you must not show That, you have to learn to follow the trend, otherwise you will get into a lot of trouble." Lanning Xiaoxi cautiously said to Wang Han.

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    Just as Li Shizong secretly gave Wang Han a god and evil scroll before, Wang Han, who had many wonderful god and evil scrolls in his hands, also quietly gave a god and evil scroll that could save his life. We are at a critical moment. Qian, and left a bit of his own spatial power in Qian Qian's body, so as long as Qian Qian actually used this power, or was stimulated by other things, then he, Wang Han, can react immediately. Maybe it's okay now, but as time passes, in the blink of an eye he will face the second change of horizon, the first time Vuong Han realized what helplessness is, the second time he felt helpless. want. This one too.

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    "Notification?" Vuong Han raised his head in surprise, he heard sounds coming from the air from all around him, then he breathed a sigh of relief, "I can understand, in my opinion there are three reasons, first, this is R grade Medals are made by people. The standards of Pucan Liet University, someone must be happy to do things based on his standards, after all it is the first-class states and districts that set the standards. Second, the difficulty of this R-level medal is relatively high. strength, I still Yes, so there is no problem, but after so many years, other students finally received the R-grade medal, the center must be widely announced in Zhanzheng university, This may make this bitter student feel a little more comfortable. Third, this may encourage other students, so that other students feel that there is such a notice after receiving the medal. R level chapter and promote their understanding of source quality."

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    "This didn't happen by accident. My understanding of things like source quality is only superficial. Even if I've had similar feelings before, it's truly unheard of to say can achieve something as difficult as source quality. So instead of directly investing in these endless things, it's better to get medals in a practical way, with medals, all life can be starts better, even if you don't go to the front of the queue and face the enemy. Fighting is a mini-boss in the back, which is also very new."

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    "..." Lan Ninh Tieu Hi's hair is all black, "No, have you seen the person in front, that is a very powerful princess!"

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    Understood. Vuong Han knew what this a-3 meant, and also knew what his situation was. He felt that he had finally come out of the planet. Before he left, the other party said that he His body in this Planetary Yard is a very scum model, and to say that an existence like me is cannon fodder when facing opponents, is really interesting to think about, but it's still very scary when you think about it. It. The giant star sea nourished by his a-3 star sphere can only be used as cannon fodder in this war. Only something as terrifying as the a-1000 can be said to be a general level character. So. . . So who is this war being fought? ! How terrifying is the opponent's strength? ! Vuong Han temporarily did not dare to think about it.

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    His soul is much sharper than before. This is the advantage that Vuong Han can immediately sense, making it more convenient for him to control the trembling of his soul, and to be able to weave more pure essence at a faster rate. fast! As for what will change in the future? Wang Han didn't know, but at this moment, he could finally clear the haze from the Life Stone!

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    So why have things come to this? Why are all the opponents fighting this Lanning Wanghan in that kind of extremely confused state, it seems like they have absolutely no idea what their opponents are doing, they are completely in their own little world, leaving them surrounded by others Not realizing it when kicking it down Did all this happen quietly? I can't think of it... I really can't think of it, several people looked at the man standing on the ring, but they only felt that this man seemed to be very powerful.

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    No no no, they don't dare to be normal people, because they have too many things in their hearts. Only people who have no worries can live a luxurious life, but there are very few people in this world who say that. don't care at all No, so if a state and county really wants to say that it puts all the burden on the average person and puts all the expectations on young shoulders, then the logic of this state must be questionable title and district. Now it must be repaired immediately, otherwise the consequences will be extremely serious and chaotic." power. The greater the wealth and possessions, the greater the responsibility for the entire family. This is not directly and inexplicably puts the responsibility on the shoulders of these people, but because it is necessary for the development of the country and the county. Otherwise, the capable will be powerless, the powerful will be hysterical, having money will be extravagant, in the end you told me that I wanted to be born to defeat them, these demonic existences? and it distorted it even more. logic."

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    However... Vuong Han suddenly looked at the soul source above his head and hesitated, "But is the soul source I condensed now too big? Under normal circumstances, Won't the soul be affected? damage? The soul itself doesn't consume much soul source. Isn't it scary for me to condense such a large block of soul source? Don't be too emotional about this soul source in the future. If you put such a large soul source on someone else's head, a small one can be used as a target, of course it can't be too small, I'm afraid my Soul Explosion Arrow won't be able to lock the enemy immediately immediately if it is too small and the target's gravitational pull may lose its effect if it is very far away.

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    Ah, this is it. After losing to you, I went back and thought about it later. I thought there was no way to directly show my full power in that battle at that time. After reviewing my current experience, I think that if I can compete with you again in the ring, I think I can use my full strength, so I think I can let the two of us accumulate together. Gain combat experience! Bu Tuo deserves to be called Butuo, this speech is very good, of course, this speech is based on Li Luyuan's views, in fact, he said the same thing when he first fought Wang Han. sentient beings are a repeater.

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    Of course, this was only Vuong Han's first reaction after seeing Tieu. If the man in front of him was definitely not Manh Mong, because Manh Mong and him had a very good relationship, the two of them had experienced many things. through many difficult years, so If the two could really meet each other in this place, Manh Manh would definitely immediately rush into his arms. Right now she definitely wouldn't be so calm, "Hey, Think back, it's been more than half a year since I left Tu Hai." , a total of six or seven months have passed, one month outside, a hundred million years of reincarnation, I've been gone for seven months, Tu Hai, Mong Mong and others have changed people seven times, now I don't know where it is. Perhaps the soul has already reincarnated, found a new owner, or has started a new life a long time ago, it is impossible for it to appear in this place at this time and become the center of this place. That's right, so the man named Xiao in front of me is at most similar to Mengmeng, but in reality he is not the same existence at all, and there is no way to reach Mengmeng's height in my heart ."

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    But after all, Vuong Han is Vuong Han, the human country district is still the human country district. He looked at Bo Tuo who was about to kneel and bow, he also sighed and said: "Okay, okay, you leave me." a communication, and then I'll handle it here, if there's no problem, then I'll tell you what to do."

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    "Yo, why did you come to me? Do you still have the guts to come to me?" Li Luyuan looked at Butuo with a disdainful smile. Just now he was thinking about how to resolve the relationship with the gangsters, but Buto knocked on the door above. , at this moment he looked at Butuo with a puzzled expression, "Or do you want to avenge your dead comrades? Then you really think too much!"

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    Ah? Cemetery? Vuong Han became even more confused. He only vaguely felt that something was wrong, so he continued to ask: "Master, what do you mean by the depression in each oil lamp is the cemetery soldier in this world?" Knight ?That is, the cemetery of those Knights?"

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    As he spoke, a bright smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. At this moment, a second shield also appeared next to him, just like the first shield, the second shield slowly and calmly wrapped around his body as he spoke. he turned around. , everyone present could hear his confident laugh: "What I told you could be done, can't I do it? Don't you really think that with a tree Second steel needle, can you directly break through my defense? If you think like that, then I can only apologize, you are too young, you are not that man's child at all, Your weakness makes me feel a little sympathetic and pitiful."